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Jun 26, 2011
Hardware Pacers.com- Logisys Lighting Systems Review
"Taking all of the above ratings into account, the Logisys Light systems reviewed are great products for the computer mod enthusiast or any user that wants to make their computer stand out.......

Jun 23, 2011
Hardware Pacers.com- Logisys 12V Remote Kit Review
"Taking all of the above ratings into account, the Logisys 12V Remote Kit is a good choice for someone who is looking to do some cool computer mods or DIY electronic work!.......

Jun 11, 2011
Hardware Pacers.com- Logisys NP2000BK Laptop/Notebook Cooler Review
"The Logisys Blue LED Laptop cooling stand is a great little laptop cooler with 3 built in fans (one 120mm Blue LED fan, and two 70mm High efficiency fans). This cooler, rated for Laptops up to 15.4 inches, is great for standard business size laptops. With no required power cords (the cooler is powered from the laptop USB port), this is a perfect cooler for the user that does not want clutter on the desktop. The Hardware-Pacers staff found that this cooler worked perfectly for laptops of the recommended size.......

Nov 23, 2009
Techwarelabes.com- Logisys NP160 Laptop/Notebook Cooler Review
"Right out of the box Logisys drew me in with the simple and sleek design of the NP160, but then they went so far as to add an extremely convenient usb-attachment to plug the cooler right into the back of a laptop......

May 21, 2008
Techwarelabes.com- Logisys Clear Blue UV Acrylic Case Review
" With my new package having arrived, I'm greeted with the sight of the unique UV Acrylic Case from Logisys. It is a see-through acrylic tower case that offers plenty of room to build/upgrade, and allows you to show off your high-end goods......

Apr 8, 2008
Techwarelabes.com- Logisys 550w Acrylic Power Supply Review
" AEver wonder what a power supply looks like inside but you're too afraid to take the lid off? Ever buy one of those fancy clear acrylic cases and think "Man, now only if I could see through the power supply too?" Well the fine people at Logisys have taken these thoughts into account and created a power supply that is clear! We introduce to you the Logisys 550W 12cm LED Acrylic Power Supply. While some power supplies on the market today can be as much as $130, the clear acrylic PSU costs only $44.99 and can jazz up your case in no time!

Apr 3, 2008
Techwarelabes.com- Logisys 650W ATX12V/EPS12V Power Supply Review
" A nice thing about the Molex connectors on this power supply is that there are plastic bulges on each side. To release a connection, squeeze these pieces of plastic and they'll help push away from the peripheral to which they are attached. It's the one type of connector that seems to be the hardest to disconnect and it's nice that Logisys thought of this ahead of time. ........

Mar 21, 2008
Techwarelabes.com- Logisys Ultra Slim Keyboard Review
" The Logisys Ultra Slim keyboard has some very nice features and overall seems to be an excellent keyboard. There were no problems using it in both everyday use and hardcore gaming. There happened to be o problems with the plug and play drivers, the simplicity of just plugging it in and having it work right out of the box was a great feeling........

Dec 3, 2007
OCIA.net- Logisys Ultra Slim Keyboard Review
" This is a very rugged-feeling keyboard, heavy and seemingly well made. All of the special keys work great. You may not use all of them, especially if you don't use Internet Explorer or Outlook Express. The seven foot cord is especially nice.......

Sep 4, 2007
Benchmarkreviews.com- Logisys Logisys Case 51 Review
" Logisys started something back in 2003 when they introduced the Logisys Acrylic LED PC feet for PC chassis, and began to infuse gamers hearts alike with innovations with LED¡¯s and case design. Now years later we have a something LAN gamers alike can take from LAN party to LAN party playing games they all enjoy while sporting the Logisys Area 51W computer case. New to this Area 51W case is a large side window that a previous Area 51 did not have, true to Logisys design, we can enjoy superb air flow and functionality. Benchmark Reviews gives you an up-close look at the Logisys CS51WBK Black ATX Window Case............

Aug 10, 2007
Techagage.com- Logisys TVR T-Coupe Mouse Review
" Boy I'd love to get my hands on a sportscar. If you would too, here's an inexpensive, fun option from Logisys ¨C the T-Coupe Mouse. This mouse is perfect for your laptop, your kids, or just showing off. A high performance mouse disguised as a high performance car, how ingenious...........

May 14, 2007
Extremeoctech.com- Logisys Silver TVR T-Coupe Mouse Review
" I would say that LogisYs has done a great job and released another awesome product! The TVR Mouse comes in 3 cool colors Black, Red and Silver. So if you love cars you will love this mouse!..........

Mar 26, 2007
Extremeoctech.com- Logisys Multimedia Pro Keyboard Review
" Here we see the Media Pro keyboard in its retail packaging. On the front of the box you see the Media Pro keyboard in both of the colors that it is available in. Both colors come in a two tone style. On the back of the box it gives you a basic run down of what you get inside and the specs of the unit. In the last shot you can see that the keyboard it self’s comes wrapped in a light thin plastic bag..........

Mar 15, 2007
Techgage.com- Logisys PC Extension Review
" If you are looking for a unique way to clean up your desk and condense your peripherals, Logisys may have you covered. Their extension station acts as a monitor stand and power center with quick access to USB ports.........

Feb 26, 2007
Virtual-hideout.net- Logisys PC Extension Review
" The Logisys PC Extension Station does what the name says. It is actually a very useful desktop tool that lives up to its current specifications and features. The modification possibilities will be a good extra bonus for the avid PC users........

Feb 14, 2007
Hi-techreviews.com- Logisys PC Extension Review
" As you can see the Logisys PC Extension Station makes a very nice addition to any workstation whether at home or on the job. While we are using a LCD monitor with with our unit you can use a CTR monitor that weight less that 49.5 pounds as well........

Dec 08, 2006
Phoronix.com- Logisys Optical Finger Mouse Review
" Looking for a nifty stocking stuffer this holiday season? The Logisys Optical Finger Mouse is a very innovative gadget that may be perfect for your traveling family member. The MS601BK model is an 800DPI mouse that works on nearly any surface (with the exception of reflective glass surfaces) and works by the movement of your fingers.......

Dec 02, 2006
modders-inc.com- Logisys Blue Acrylic Clear Yin Yang Case Review
" I was very pleased to see the amount of attention to detail that Logisys took when designing the Yin-Yang case. A clear case is a very hard case to have look right as everything is in plain sight. .......

Dec 01, 2006
Theinquirer.net- Logisys LED Lit-Up Keyboard Review
"IF I, AN IGNORANT scribbler, told you that a keyboard can detect an inbound phone calls to your mobile, you'd tell me I'm nuts, right?. Well, I am nuts, but the keyboard thing is for real. .......

Sep 19, 2006
Extensivemods.com- Logisys Dual Heatpipe VGA Cooler Review
"I would recommend this cooler to the average user for increased cooling but not to the overclockers. I am pleased to present the Logisys Dual Heatpipe VGA Cooler with a 9.5/10 .......

Aug 21, 2006
Extensivemods.com- Logisys HD-Silencer Review
"Ahhh, you just spent the last few days building that as close to silent PC that you can get and now it¡¯s time to fire it up. You hit the power button and the beast comes to life and basking in the almost total silence when all of a sudden you hear this awful noise that kills the moment, what is it? It¡¯s your hard drive. Well do I have something for you today, it¡¯s not a new silent hard drive it¡¯s a hard drive silencer. Logisys sent me their new hard drive silencer to test out. Will it quiet down that hard drive to put back that moment you lost? Well hang in there and let¡¯s see.......

Aug 13, 2006
DragonstellMods.com- Logisys Clear Acrylic Blue EL Keyboard Review
"So are you in the market for a new keyboard, but you want something that does more and looks better than others available today? Well today for review I have something that you might be interested in, it is from Logisys, it is a clear acrylic keyboard that even features blue EL back lighting. It looks great and has some actually useful shortcut buttons as well. Read on to learn more......

Jul 29, 2006
DragonstellMods.com- Logisys Dual Heatpipe VGA Cooler Review
"Today for review I have something a bit different, all you do-it-yourself types are really gonna like this one, it's a kit to make your own Heatpipe Cooler for your video card from Logisys.......

Jul 27, 2006
Techgage.com- Logisys Hard Drive Silencer Review
"With the quiet computing push that's becoming more and more popular today users are finding that the last hurdle in truly silent computing is the HDD. While there are many ways of quieting the noise generated by your drive some only help to decouple the vibrations generated by the drive from the PC chassis while others end up enclosing the drive so completely that it runs perilously hot. Today we take a look at one that offers decent cooling and quiet in one package.........

Jul 17, 2006
DragonSteelMods.com- Logisys Hard Drive Silencer Review
"The HD-Silencer is an excellent product that anyone looking to quiet there system must have. If you are a modder then you really might be interested in this, I can see having all the hard drives installed in the HD-Silencers and just looking really cool in a clear plexi case or a case with lots of windows. For those build an HTPC you might want to look into the Logisys HD-Silencer as it really does silence your hard drive, and that is something you desire most in an HTPC system........

Jul 05, 2006
Hi-techreviews.com- Logisys Hard Drive Silencer Review
"We have tried such ingenious things as placing a fan above or below our hard drives and even the opens placed directly in front sometimes don't make that much of a difference. So rather than settle for second rate there has to be a way to keep you hard drive cool without sacrificing speed to do it.
Perhaps the best way to cool a hot hard drive is turn to a hard drive cooler of some sort, and that is what we will be looking at today Logysis has developed a solid aluminum unit that should help remove the heat away for even the biggest and hottest hard drive. ........

Jun 06, 2006
Hi-techreviews.com- Logisys KB609 Office, Internet and Multimedia Pro Character-Illuminated Keyboard Review
"After reviewing the Logisys KB609 I am pleased to say that all of their work has paid off in the new design of this keyboard. The illuminated Office keyboard they released prior to this while having some nice features lacked anything to really sing he praise about it. That is not the case with this incarnation, they have come up with a new sleek design the will blend in with just about any desktop environment but perhaps most of all the fact that it operates so well is the most important part........

May 30, 2006
Extremeoctech.com- Logisys Acrylic Keyboard Review
"After testing the Acrylic Media Keyboard from Logisys we have found that it is a good media keyboard and also has a awesome look to for all those guys who are running Acrylic cases or just want a neat glowy keyboard to show there friends .......

Apr 17, 2006
Extremeoctech.com- Logisys Gladiator Case Review
"The case is always pretty light with everything we had in it too. It would make a great LAN Party case because of how well it is designed and the lights again are just awesome. We feel Logisys hit the nail on the head with this one.......

Feb 10, 2006
Hardware-Review.net- Logisys Silver Case-51W ATX Case Review
"Budget enclosures are a dime a dozen, and it’s hard to find one that stands out in the crowd. One case that caught my attention recently is Logisys’s popular Case-51W. This mid-tower case has plenty of room for tons of hard drives and enough space inside for a full-size ATX motherboard. Let’s see if this case will melt our froogle hearts......

Dec 12, 2005
Hardware-Review.net- Logisys Yin Yang ATX case Review
"Logisys is very well known for making PC accessories and they also manufacture PC cases, power supplies, keyboards, mice, and other devices. The clear Yin Yang Case we have today combines two tones of acrylic to form a Chinese Yin Yang symbol on the left and right panels......

Dec 08, 2005
Hardware-Review.net- Logisys Remote Multifunction Panel Review
"The Logisys Multifunction Panel really impressed me during this review and I fell head over heels for the two-button remote. I use it all the time now when I walk through the door when I get home.....

Nov 18, 2005
Extensivemods.com- Logisys Black Illuminated Office Pro Keyboard Review
"Logisys is a well-known and well-established name in the computer industry, and are known for a wide selection of computer related devices. Today, I was lucky enough to get to take a look at their Black Illuminated Office Pro Keyboard. That¡¯s right, it glows. It also has many other features, such as a scroll wheel placed off to the left of where a regular keyboard would end¡­ but more on that later, lets get to the packaging and specifications....

Oct 20, 2005
Virtual-Hideout.net- Logisys 4 Direction LED Mouse Review
"When I first heard about this mouse I was intrigued. "Wow, a multi-directional scroll mouse" This feature is indeed different....

Oct 19, 2005
Techgage.com- Logisys Black LED Office Keyboard Review
"This keyboard has a very slim design and rest on 4 small feet instead of lying flat on the desk. According to Logisys this is to prevent damage to the keyboard if liquid is spilled on the desk. Included in the box was a driver CD and a USB to PS2 adapter ...

Oct 9, 2005
Virtual- Hideout.net- Logisys Digital Thermal Controller Review
" Today we are going to take a closer look at the Logisys Digital Thermal Controller. This is a nice little monitor for your front 3.5" bay so you will be able to monitor the temperatures of your CPU, and 2 other items of your choosing. Also you will be able to monitor the speeds of your fans as well as the activity of your hard drive. Over my time with computers I have seen many of this types of devices, but this one stands out for its simplicity as well as good looks. ...

Oct 9, 2005
ExtremeMhz.com- Logisys Jade Curve 4 Direction LED Mouse Review
" Along with the Keyboard that I reviewed last week, Logisys also tossed in one of their new Curve Mice. With an interesting new ergonomic design, a little bit of flash, and a unique four way scroll wheel, on paper this looked like an interesting product. Did it hold up to closer scrutiny? Read on and find out...

Oct 5, 2005
ExtremeMhz.com- Logisys EL Office Pro Keyboard Review
" Ever since the Eluminx Keyboard came to market, more manufacturers have been coming along with supposedly new and improved versions. Cheaper, Better lighting, Extra buttons, and finally full size. Logisys was kind enough to send along their interpretation of what the next generation of illuminated keyboards should be. Their new Office Keyboard has just about every perk that you could think of, and instead of going for the small and sleek route is a fully functional full size keyboard that is fit for cubicles everywhere. Geeks rejoice...

Sep 2, 2005
Techgage.com- Logisys Digital Thermal Controller Review
" I am giving this fine piece of hardware, direct from the equally fine people at Logisys, a 9 out of 10. The blue display and the accurate readings are proof enough that Logisys has a top notch product on their hands that is sure to attract attention to your case and turn a few heads at any LAN party you attend...

Aug 25, 2005
Virtual-Hideout.net- Logisys Blue Acrylic Yin Yang Case Review
" When I first received this case, I thought I would never get to it through all the packaging, but once I did it was well worth the time. This case is a new twist on the acrylic styling case, with upgrades to the multiple pieces you can remove on the sides, the two tone color set and design. All the way down to the fans and grills. I wasn’t expecting to find a great acrylic case, but I was wrong, this by far is my favorite case I have ever put a pc into. From the pictures below you can see my entire final product. I started with an empty case and then added the following hardware...

Aug 15, 2005
Think Computers.org- Logisys 15?Cold Cathode Light Review
" Well today we have the Logisys 15 inch Cold Cathode Light. Its actually sound activated, which wasn't expressed to me when I retrieved it, but this fact came as a pleasant surprise. Logisys the name you know and love, they have an outstanding line up of products that are as small as fans up to full atx cases so on and so on. I will attempt to en lighten you with some knowledge about the new 15 inch CCFL they have released.

Aug 10, 2005
Extensivemods.com- Logisys 15 inch Blue Deluxe Sound Activated CCFL Kit and 120mm Dual Blue CCFL Ring Fan Review
" In todays age, the world of computers is a new environment every month. Many company's are striving to stay on top of the fast paced, ever changing pc everyday. Today I get to look at a couple of items from a company that is staying up with this fast changing pc and all the add-ons. LOGISYS is a company that is providing everything from gaming cases to power supply's , keyboards , cooling products and lighting. Today I'm going to give the new 15" Blue Deluxe Sound Activated CCFL Kit and the 120mm Blue Dual CCFL Ring Fan a look see.

Aug 9, 2005
Phoronix.com- Logisys 15" Deluxe CCFL Kit & Dual CCFL Ring Fan Review
" The niche for case modding has grown tremendously over the past few years. As enthusiasts started paying great attention to the aesthetics of their computers, a wide range of aesthetically pleasing products such as CCFLs, PSU with LED fans, and LCD displays began to populate the market. Today's review items are the Double CCFL (Cold Cathode Florescent Light) Fan Kit from Logisys, featuring two cold cathode light (one in the inner ring and one in the outer ring), and 15?Blue Deluxe Sound Activated CCFL Kit, the longest cold cathode light currently available for PC application.

Aug 2, 2005
Extrememhz.com- Logisys Logisys Dual CCFL Fan & 15" CCFL Review
" Overall, these were a lot of fun to review, unlike some items I’ve had pass through my hands here at EM. The major thing to keep in mind with these two products is the size. The 15?tube throws a lot of light, but there are not too many cases out there that have that much space available to mount one.

Jul 12, 2005
Techgate.com- Logisys Remote Multifunction Panel Review
" First thing I should mention, is that this is a prototype version of the panel, and revisions have likely been made since the time this was received. In fact, some of the functionality was lost, but could be fixed with some soldering, but I bypassed that, as I don't have a soldering gun on hand.

Jun 30, 2005
ExtremeMHZ.com- Logisys Remote Multifunction Panel Review
" Well, I¡¯ll certainly have to give Logisys kudos for getting this unit out. It¡¯s certainly a looker, and will definitely be a conversation piece wherever it makes an appearance.

Jun 20, 2005
Virtual-Hideout.net - Logisys Beta Remote Multifunction Panel Review
" As the name implies Logisys is indeed developing a product that provides a remote for your computer system. Not just any remote mind you - but a remote that allows you to power on/off as well as restart your machine. Remotely. Out of the box this panel looks simply elegant with no obvious problems or useless frills.

Jun 10, 2005
Techgage.com - Logisys 20in1 Multi-function Panel Review
" Are you in need of more connectivity in your PC? Logisys recently released a new media panel which attempts to give us the connectivity we are looking for, and more. See how it made out in our review.

Jun 6, 2005
Hi-techreviews.com - Logisys Remote Multi-function Panel Review
" The Logisys Remote Multifunction Panel we are reviewing today adds a couple of new ideas that I think will be very well accepted if used in the correct application, So let's get busy and find out just what they are.

May 27, 2005
ExtremeMHZ.com - Logisys 20in1 Multi-function Panel Review
" More than ever, having a card reader available will make keeping all these formats compatible with your PC much easier. With that in mind, we have a brand new card reader from Logisys, boasting compatibility with 20 separate formats.

May 24, 2005
Techgage.com - Logisys case 51w Review
" In the end, did the Windowed version of the Case-51 generally improve over the original case? Well, that's a yes and no answer. Yes, it finally has a window, and that's something I wanted since the first version.

May 23, 2005
Pimprig.com - Logisys Wireless Remote Multi-Function Panel Review
" You can't accuse the engineers at Logisys of being uncreative. Their Phone Smart Keyboard that flashes when you receive a phone call was innovative, as is the 3D Edge fan kit. Logisys has come out with one more product that you won't find from other manufacturers, a wireless remote multi-function panel. The remote multi-function panel is still in pre-production, but it works pretty damn good for what it was designed to do.

May 19, 2005
Phoronix.com - Logisys Ergonomic Cool Fan Mouse & M-Coupe Optical Mouse Review
" It used to be a mouse was simply a mouse, but since more demanding games and applications have been around, the traditional two-button ball mouse we all once used is no longer suitable. In fact, computer mice are becoming hotly contested, especially when it comes to the DPI race. Logitech has their flagship MX-1000 and MX-518 while Razerzone has their Boomslang and the soon to be reviewed Boomslang Plasma LE here at Phoronix. With one of the mice being modeled after a mini coupe and the other implementing a small fan, the mice up for testing today aren't any record-breakers but rather offer some useful features for the home user and computer enthusiasts. What we have here is the Logisys Silver Ergonomic Cool Fan Mouse USB/PS2 and the Logisys M-Coupe Black Optical Mouse. ;

May 19, 2005
Virtual-hideout.com Logisys Silver Case-51W "CS51WSL" Review
" The 51W brings some great features to market for an economy case. Plastic side thumbscrews are a small touch but work wonderfully. Finally we see front and rear 120mm fans - gone are the days of inefficient and loud 80mm cooling even for the masses. There is no reason to put 80mm fans in cases today - they are louder and do not move as much air as a 120mm unit. The blue lights on the front look great and are a nice touch;

May 10,2005
Treadlayers.com Logisys Black Streamline Illuminated Keyboard Review
"Logisys is a US-based company that imports various PC products from different factories in China and Taiwan. As you can see in the photo collage below, they bring in nearly all types of PC accessories, and stocks a great amount of product in their Southern California warehouse

May 9, 2005

Gamepike.com-Logysis Blue Cool Fan Mouse Review
"Well with so many different concepts and ideas coming out every year we often look over some of the minor ones like the invention of fan for the mouse and other controllers. Although this may not be revolutionary like the cell processor it is a great invention for those of us with sweaty hands. Well one of these fan mousse is coming from Logysis and we got to take a look at it. So does the fan mouse fit our fancy? Read our full review to find out!

May 7,2005

Phoronix.com-Logisys Day & Night UV-Blue Inter-Switchable CCFL Kit Review
"PC enthusiasts these days are constantly upgrading their systems with the latest hardware to feed their desire for faster and faster systems. However, most enthusiasts aren’t just satisfied with having amazing performance, but they want their systems to stand out and be noticed when people see it. Over the past few years, custom cases, fancy lighting, and all sorts of other modding supplies have flooded the market. Logisys is one of the companies that compete in this market and it offers many quality custom cases and accessories. Today we have their, 12?Day & Night UV-Blue Inter-Switchable CCFL Kit for review. Will it stand out from the crowd or just fall in the middle of the pack? Let’s find out.

Apr 26, 2005

Phoronix.com-Logisys Home Theater Acrylic Case (CS688CL)Review
"Cases these days come in one of four materials: steel, plastic, aluminum, and acrylic. Budget cases and silent PC cases are often made of steel or plastic. This is because plastic/steel cases are cheap to manufacture and for the silent-o-philes, they are heavy and absorb sound well. On the other hand, aluminum cases are very light in weight and look very stylish. They’ve become very popular amongst enthusiasts because of this and the case market has been flooded with offerings by a large number of companies. The fourth material, however, is one we don’t see very often, acrylic. Today we have an HTPC case from Logisys, the Home Theater Acrylic Case.

Apr 6, 2005

Mikhailtech.com-Logisys Switchable CCFL Kit Review
"Logisys first impressed us with their high quality, low cost CCFL and "Thunder" neon light kits. Their latest creation is a dual mode cathode, controlled via a switch by the user. Currently only one version is available - a 12" blue and "UV blue"."

Mar 31, 2005

Extrememhz.com-Logisys optical Fan Mouse Review
" It seems that every effort is taken by companies in order to satisfy all PC users, especially power users and gamers. While we haven't really seen a trend in input devices with built-in fans, there are still a few companies that certainly want to target these users with some rather unique products. Logisys Computer, a fast-growing company targeting the PC enthusiast, is always in search of ways to please a wider range of users. "

Mar 31, 2005

Mikhailtech.com-Logisys 500w Meshed Power Supply Review
"Their meshed series is a very unique concept: wrap almost the entire PSU is steel mesh, the circular kind. As we'll later see, this allows for potentially added ventilation and a very different look. You can choose from red, green, or blue."

Mar 24, 2005

Techgage.com-Logisys All Copper VGA Cooler Review
"For overclockers who really want to get an extra punch out of their GPU.. a stock cooler doesn't usually do it justice. Copper Heatsinks are becoming more and more popular, and Logisys has joined the bandwagon. Does their Copper cooler improve on a stock cooler? "

Mar 10, 2005

Techgage.com-Logisys case-51 Review
"The cooling is fantastic, and the stylish and sleek alien design is equally impressive. So if you are looking for a great case at a good price, I highly recommend the Case-51 from Logisys."

Mar 09, 2005

Adnpc.net-Logisys 3D Edge Review
"Overall,Really good price,Good cooling results,Nice looking,Excellent system"

Mar 03, 2005

CoolTechZone.com-Logisys Janus case Review
"Overall, we were very impressed with the Janus. In our opinion, this case is the perfect mix between features, performance, and price. "

Feb 28, 2005

Techgage.com-Logisys Janus case Review
"I was looking forward to reviewing the Janus, because I was impressed with it's cool style. When receiving it, and seeing it in front of me though, I became even more impressed with it. Some things just look better in front of you, rather than in a picture, and this is one of those things. "

Feb 25, 2005

XYZ Computing.com-Logisys Phone Smart LED Keyboard Review
"Since that day there have been many EL and LED keyboards out there and most are just lighted adaptations of a basic slim keyboard. Logisys however has added a little pizzazz- a keyboard that let’s you know when you are receiving a call by blinking."

Feb 24, 2005

Extrememhz.com-Logisys Meshed 500W Power Supply Review
"Even though Logisys Computer has been a sponsor for ExtremeMhz for a long time, on occasion they have still managed to throw me a curve ball. If you would have asked me last month what the next product Logisys would come out with, the very last item on my list would have been a heat sink! Their first offering is a solid copper video card cooler, designed to be compatible with the majority of video cards currently on the market. "

Feb 21, 2005

Extrememhz.com-Logisys Meshed 500W Power Supply Review
"Today I get to check out another pre-mod power supply from Logisys Computer. Although we’ve seen power supplies chromed, painted, and clear, we’ve never seen one that was meshed! "

Feb 14, 2005

Phoronix.com-Logisys All Copper VGA cOOLER Review
" In conclusion, the Logisys cooler did its job exceptionally well. Aside from a few installation confusions and the weight of the cooler, we enjoyed it very much. Our suggestion to you is to run out and pick up one of these coolers, for your graphics card. "

Feb 9, 2005

Nvnews.net-Logisys Illuminated Keyboard Review
" Now that I've had the KB606SL up and running for a few days, I have to say I'm extremely impressed overall with its quality and performance... "

Feb 8, 2005

Mikhailtech.com-Logisys white Laser LED
" If you need to add some flare to your case and already own a cathode or two, Laser LEDs are a great supplement. They're bright in their area of effect, long lasting, and extremely versatile... "

Feb 7, 2005

Mikhailtech.com-Logisys Stove Fan
"Logisys' Stove Fan is the first implementation of its kind and a very unique one at that... "

Feb 2, 2005

AftermathReviews.net-Logisys Stove Fan
"In answer to basically the only question I ever have when I am reviewing fans is how quiet the fan is? Well the answer is? I had to look at the LED lighting to make sure it was on. The fan is that quiet and really smooth. "

Jan 31, 2005

Hi-techreviews.com-Logisys Glacier 500W Power Supply
"I'll give Logisys credit for the design of their shipping carton, knowing they are not operating on a budget as large as bigger named power supply companies they still came up with a design that has eye-appeal and conveys to the buyer the sense of icy surroundings one would associate with a Glacier. ."

Jan 31, 2005

Hardware Pacers.com-Logisys Lit-Up Multimedia speaker
"Logisys Multimedia Acoustics System is a handsome, easy to set up speaker system. Its major advantage over some of the competitor’s sound systems is its price and design."

Jan 24, 2005

ExtremeMhz.com-Logisys 500w Pitbull Power Supply
" I am impressed with the improvements that Logisys has made in the time from their last offering to this one, as far as both the connectors and sleeving. The chrome finish and two windows are well done as well as the translucent A/C input and chrome speed knob."

Janu 15, 2005

Phoronix-Logisys Assembled UV Red Acrylic Case
"Up on the review block today we have the Logisys Assembled UV Red Acrylic Clear Case. Many of the cases we see at Phoronix on a daily basis are composed of aluminum, steel, or plastic, but when the Logisys CS888UVRD entered our sights, we knew everyone would be in for a big surprise."

Janu 15, 2005

Pimprig-Logisys Phone Smart LED Keyboard
"Since keyboards are the main source of input for your computer, it is pretty important to find one that you are comfortable with in aesthetics, key response, keyboard layout, and comfort. Up for review today is the Phone Smart LED Keyboard from Logisys. I will cover each of these 4 factors, along with a unique feature of this keyboard. This keyboard, because of the LEDs and Phone Smart features, appears to be marketed towards a select crowd that are tired of the basic beige color of everyday keyboards, and that want something compact and portable.... perhaps for LAN parties. Since there are a variety of illuminated keyboards on the market today I will be covering how this keyboard compares to other LED and EL wire illuminated keyboards in terms of overall aesthetic appeal as well."

Jan 14, 2005

Mikhailtech-Logisys KB602BK EL Keyboard
"Over the past year or so we've had our share of keyboards. Most were typical, boring, feature-less models, but a few stood out in the crowd such as the Zippy EL-610. Logisys' KB602BK is the second EL (electroluminescent) keyboard to find its way here. Almost 2 years have passed since our Zippy review and several improvements have been made since then. Logisys is still a youngster in this market, but after several evaluations of their products we can attest to their quality."

Jan 13, 2005

Aftermathreviews-Logisys LED Acrylic Case Feet
"With LED lighting being the fad of the moment, just about every opportunity is being taken to add lighting. Just about every component in the make up of your computer is under threat of having a LED light added to it. Well now you can add your case feet on that hit list of components that has had a LED added to it. Logisys Computer have created the LED Acrylic Footstep for Chassis, which is basically lighted feet for your computer case. Let’s find out if this will be money wisely spent or is it a just a unnecessary add on. "

Jan 12, 2005

Gruntville-Logisys Blue Dracula Case Special Edition
"In order to have the latest cutting edge products to respond the demand of the fast-changing PC market, we have been working closely with our partners in China and Taiwan to produce our own exclusive brand name products. We are the home of logisys PC gaming cases, PC modification accessories, Logisys multimedia speaker systems, and Xenix inputting devices."

Jan 05, 2005

AnandTech-Logisys Assembled UV Blue Acrylic Clear Case
"A few months ago, we decided to take a few clear acrylic cases and compare their features, constructions, and general usability in our acrylic roundup. The four competing products were from BeanTech, Sunbeam Technologies, ClearPC, and Logisys. In the roundup, we explained the various differences in case construction and design, the pros and cons of the acrylic material, and the variations of assemblies in the four cases. It was evident that none could compete with the metal cases in the industry, but in the end, between the four, BeanTech's BT-85 came out on top. It had a solid design with a removable motherboard tray, sturdy construction, and an overall great performance in thermal and sound. Recently, Logisys introduced us to another model in their acrylic family of cases, the CS888UV. There are a few differences in the UV models from their CL model; mainly, the UV reflective material. We will go in to more detail to explain the features that the CS888UV has, which the CL doesn't and vice versa."

Jan 04, 2005

Hardware-Logisys Phone Smart LED Keyboard
"In today's age of gimmicks and cool toys it is hard to find a product that does only one thing. These days, off the shelf keyboards have media buttons, volume knobs and in general, they are cluttered with options average user will never use. Logisys phone led smart keyboard has none of this nuisance. This product is simple and straightforward, it will notify users of incoming cell calls, be used for typing and nothing more. The only extra buttons on this keyboard is the Power button that controllers the LED lighting. There is an On/Off switch on the keyboard to control the LED lighting. This keyboard is recommended to anyone who likes to plays video games and browse the web in the dark. Its luminous keys offer more then enough light to make night computing an easy task."

DEC 28, 2004

Adn.PC-Logisys Black Streamline Illuminated Keyboard
"Aujourd’hui, je me lance dans le test d’un produit qui s’adressera plutôt ?ceux qui aiment les touches tuning et/ou innovation. Il s’agit d’un clavier?jusque l?rien de spécial. Mais sa particularit?est qu’il est lumineux. Donc pas de test ni de comparatif de performances mais une simple mise en évidence des qualités et défauts d’un produit qui pourra s’avérer pratique pour certains d’entre vous. Le clavier se nomme ?Streamline ?et il est produit par Logisys qui est une sociét?active dans plusieurs domaines informatique (boîtiers, alimentations et autres accessoires)."

DEC 27, 2004

Phoronix-Logisys Phone Smart LED Illuminated Keyboard
"It seems like a few weeks can't go by without Logisys adding a new product to their line of offerings; ranging from RAM heatsinks to front panel cigarette lighters. Many of the products we have seen from Logisys in the past have been very ingenious and offered plenty of functionality. Will the Logisys Phone Smart LED keyboard, which we are reviewing today, offer traits of a warrior or will it remain unseen in a majority of the computing community?"

DEC 26, 2004

Bigbruin-Logisys 500W Silver Pitbull ATX Power Supply
"A power supply should be strong and reliable. Logisys Pitbull Power Supply brings out another new look in the power supply market. This mean 500W power supply comes with 3 ultra quiet fans. x2 40mm clear fans with x1 80mm LED fan with blue light up effects. x2 see thru windows on each side of the power supply with Mirror Chromed finished paint job on the body. Let’s wrap this up with all the cables are sleeved in black. Replace your generic power supply with the new Logisys Computer Pitbull PSU."

DEC 16, 2004

Systemcooling-Logisys Black Janus Gaming Case
"Logisys has been coming out with a lot of new per-modded gaming cases lately and today we’re going to be looking at there new offerings that is just a little different from the others."

DEC 15, 2004

Phoronix-Logisys 500W Pitbull ATX Power Supply
"It has been quite a while since we have looked at any Logisys power supplies. However, we recently got our hands on their latest PSU offering ?the 500W Pitbull. Fortunately, Logisys hasn't lost its modding touch since last time we had examined any of their units."

DEC 14, 2004

Systemcooling-Logisys 500W All Acrylic Dual Blue LED Fan PSU
"Instead of the standard PSU that is included with the case, I opted for one of Logisys pre-modded PSUs that they offer. I chose the 500W All ACRYLIC DUAL BLUE LED FAN POWER SUPPLY because I thought it would go well with the looks and lighting of the case."

DEC 11, 2004

ThinkComputers.Org-Logisys Black Streamline Illuminated Keyboard
"There are few, if any, other modifications you can do to a keyboard other than making the whole thing glow. Without further ado, let me introduce the Logisys KB606BK."

DEC 9, 2004

"The Logisys Stove Fan is by far one of the most unique designs for LEDs. Other fans might make your case glow more, but there is no denying the awesome look of this fan."

DEC 8, 2004

"I love this product, it's just outstanding in all aspects. The construction and over all effect of the lights makes this fan the best looking fan I have ever seen. I have about 8 computers at my house that I used for my job and for working with this site. I"am going to go out and order a few more of these to add to all of my computers. Everyone that I've shown this product to has had the same amazement as I did. they all love this product. ."

Nov 25, 2004

Overclock Cafe-Logisys Blue Dracula Case
"All in all, the Special Edition Dracula is a well built and functional case that those of you looking to add some pizzazz will be very happy with. Pricing at $70 seems about right to break the upgrade budget of Joe User."

Nov 23, 2004

ExtremeMhz-Logisys 500W Acrylic Power Supply
"One of the unique opportunities hardware reviewers get is the ability to interact directly with manufacturers and other organizations on a regular basis, which gives us a different view than most on the quality of a particular organization. Logisys Computer is on the short list of companies that I genuinely enjoy working with, purely based on that level of interaction. Logisys has also been very aggressive in getting unique new products out in to the market, such as the full size Streamline Keyboard that Miguel looked at earlier this month. This time around, I’ll be taking a look at Logisys Computer’s 500W Acrylic power supply, which also features UV connectors and sleeved wiring!"

Nov 22, 2004

Creative Mods-Logisys Phantom Gaming Case
"The Phantom PC case is a midrange ATX case from Logisys. The Phantom is completely premodded making it an easy case to switch to. If you lack the time, effort, or skill to mod, and want a decent case, the Logisys Phantom should be a consideration. For some neat night pics of the case and a complete review, please read on."

Nov 21, 2004

Hi-Tech Reviews-Logisys SP6002CL 2.1+1 Multimedia Speaker System
"You ever go out an buy a new game and immediately come home and install it and then reach over and unplug the speakers? No I didn't think you did, when we buy our games we want to be totally immersed in them, we want to hear the the bullets as the whiz by our ears, or hear the thud of the sound of a motor round about to be drop into our back pocket. What fun would it be to be running the course at Talladega at 200+ MPH if you couldn't hear the motor screaming like it was about to loose every bolt that held it together?"

Nov 20, 2004

Warcry Netwrok-Logisys 3D Edge Fan
"I recently received the 3d Edge Fan kit from Logisys for review. This three fan kit claims to help lower the tempature in the system by helping to increase airflow around the cpu, video card, and/or chipset. The idea looks good in theory, but will it actually make a difference in my space challenged case? Lets find out!"

Nov 19, 2004

MODTHEBOX-Logisys Assembled UV Red Acrylic Clear Case
"Acrylic style case enclosures have come along way since originating as DIY style projects within the case modding community. Originally used as a means for educational purposes, the standard acrylic case has transcended from the hands of system builders to computer enthusiasts. Most of the earlier concepts for replicating an ATX case design were home grown but recently their have been several manufacturers marketing new and revised computer enclosures. Logisys Computer based out Pomona, CA is a relative new player offering the latest cutting edge products to respond the demand of the fast-changing PC market. The company has a full line of PC gaming cases, PC modification accessories, multimedia speaker systems, and Xenix inputting devices. Today in the MTB Labs, we will be evaluating the Logisys CS888UVRD Assembled UV Red Acrylic Clear Case, a complete see through ATX case enclosure."

Nov 18, 2004

Ocia.net-Logisys UV Blue Acrylic Case
"Acrylic Cases... they are the fad that never dies. When they first came out, everyone had to have one. Then the fad simmered down a bit. However, with the birth of projects like Orac3, I for one believe them to be making a large comeback. That brings us to today? review, the UV Blue Acrylic Case from Logisys Computer. Logisys is one of our new partnerships and many of you will remember reading the Logisys Dracula Case review that Silenze just completed."

Nov 12, 2004

Phoronix-Logisys Silver Janus Gaming Case
"With Logisys dealing heavily in the computer gaming case market, we have looked at a handful of their chassis' in the past. Although Logisys have had some very attractive cases in the past, they have lacked in the area of features such as tool-less drive bays, fan mounts, and fan-filters. Can the Janus gaming case act as a milestone for case features, or does Logisys continue to lack in practical features?"

Nov 8, 2004

Warcry Network-Logisys 2.1 Multimedia Clear speaker
"Are your current 2.1 speakers just not living up to the expectations you have? Well, Logisys has delivered us a great 2.1 speaker set, that promises to deliver great sound, as well as looks great! The looks are certainly unique, but this is definitely a unique set of 2.1 speakers. Read on to see all the details!"

Nov 7, 2004

Tech Mods-Logisys Blue Dracula Special Edition
"If looks are high on your agenda when it comes to purchasing your next computer case, or if you just want something that is totally different! Well look no further than the new special edition Dracula case from logisys. With enough chrome accents to brake up a unique front bezel and an exterior that will catch your eye. With cases have been taking on all kinds of themes in recent months and this Dracula Gaming case has a sufficient amount."

Nov 6, 2004

Lan Addict-Logisys UV Blue Molex Sleeve Kit
"Logisys Computer makes all manner of PC and modding accessories, as well as cases and power supplies. Logisys isn't a household name, although they have received quite a bit of exposure on many of the hardware review sites. With the market for modding accessories getting crowded, can Logisys make themselves stand out from the crowd?"

Nov 4, 2004

ExtremeMhz-Logisys Black Streamline Illuminated Keyboard
"Here at ExtremeMHz,we have had a few illuminated keyboards reviewed but all lacked two key features...full-sized keys and a standard layout. Since then, we have been looking around and waiting patiently for a company to put out a model that would meet these demands. Well, Logisys Computer has done just that with the release of their new Streamline keyboard. They have focused more on eliminating all the unnecessary keys not only to make it easier to use, but to make it look more like your standard desktop keyboard. Let's take a closer look.."

Oct 29, 2004

Hi-Tech Review-Contest Giving Away
"Thanks to the fine people at Logisys Computer we are giving away and brand spanking new Spider II Computer Case to some lucky winner. But that''s not all, included along with the computer case Hi-Techreviews.com is tossing in a new Albatron PX875B PRO motherboard. Then to speed that little Intel board along we are including 1GB of Kingston HyperX PC4300 DDR memory."

Oct 23, 2004

Phoronix-Logisys Streamline Illuminated Keyboard Review
"A while back, we examined the Logisys Xenix keyboard, which was a very visually appealing keyboard, especially with its illuminated keys. However, the keyboard possessed a few flaws. Logisys has redesigned the keyboard and released the Silver Streamline Illuminated Keyboard."

Oct 22, 2004

Warcry Network-Logisys UV Green Molex Sleeve Kit Review
"Logisys was kind enough to provide us with a Molex sleeve kit for review. The kit comes in a few different colors being, UV red, UV blue and UV green. Once I received my Green kit, I was scared at the fact that it came in the plastic wrapping. Most of us hate the kind of packaging that is completely sealed, especially if we have no scissors/knife handy. Thankfully it was the easy “pop open in half?packaging so we can quickly get on our way."

Sep 9, 2004

Mikhailtech-Logisys UV Red Molex Sleeve Kit Review
"The past couple months we’ve had the opportunity to check out several Logisys products, from their liquid neon Thunder light to the Dracula designer case. Being a newcomer to the market, Logisys impressed us with their ability to produce high quality, low priced items. The latest addition to their growing line is the UV molex sleeve kit, available in red, blue, and green."

Sep 8, 2004

Phoronix-Logisys BLue Dracula Special Edition Review
"When we first came across the Logisys Dracula ATX case, we were startled by its appearance. Whilst the majority of the case is mid-night blue there is a good amount of chrome, making the Logisys Dracula one of the most unique looking cases we have seen to date!"

Sep 7, 2004

Ap0calypse-Logisys Green Meteor Light Review
"Most people would agree that the purpose of owning a PC today is not only for work related tasks, but for a favorite pastime as well. An extension of this pastime is the modification of our cases to suit our personalities. Lighting of a case is an integral part of this and many companies have come up with their own custom types of lights. Logisys Computer is one of those companies that create innovative products to appeal to today’s modder. Today I will be looking at one such product from Logisys, the Meteor Light Kit."

Sep 6, 2004

Extrememhz-Logisys LAN Party Bag Review
"Making your desktop mobile for LAN parties has always been a little bit of a challenge. Either you just pick it up and carry it, or you shell out some good dollars to get yourself a proper LAN bag. Logisys has recently offered up an interesting LAN bag system that not only will take care of even the most massive case and your LCD, but will do it for fewer than 20 dollars. I know I was interested, so let’s check it out!"

Sep 5, 2004

Techniz-Logisys Silver Dracula Gaming Case Review
"this Dracula case from the Logisys Computer is consider a good case. It was very suitable for the home users and also for Lan Party. The Dracula case is already a pre modded case where the the case is already modded with the unique design side panel. Beside that, two case fan is bundle in the case. The air flow in the case is very good with the 120mm fan in the front and rear also another 80mm fan on the side panel. This case will be a good choice for those who plan to change a new pre modded case."

Sep 4, 2004

Hi-Techreviews-Logisys Blue Phantom Gaming Case Review
"If you saw the musical Phantom of Opera you know that the Phantom tried to stay hidden because of an injury to his face, with the Phantom case from Logisys Computers about the last thing you will want to do is keep it hidden. With its stylish good looks and engraved window and 485 watt PSU, this is a case that will be placed on your desktop for you use and other to admire."

Sep 3, 2004

Mikhailtech-Logisys Black Dracula Gaming Case Review
"Logisys is a newcomer to the market, but as we saw in their cathode and thunder light kits, they are quite capable of delivering high quality, inexpensive products. Today we take a look one of their flagship cases, the Dracula. "

Sep 2, 2004

Pc-Base-Logisys 9 LED Fan Blue/Red Case Fan and 12"Green Cold Cathode Light Kit Review
"The 9 LED fan kit is the neatest fan I have seen. The five center LED's have a rotation of constantly changing light patterns this fan looks so cool. The four blue LED>s o­n the cage are nice and bright they are clearly visible in the day light .The light's around the frame have what Logisys calls invisible wire. Most LED fans have a large band wrapped around the cage to get power to the LED's. Logisys have thin clear wire that fits right into the frame braces to give a really clean look to the fan.The Cold cathode kit comes in many different colors and is very easy to install. The light is very bright but not a blinding brightness. The installation took about 10 minutes. The light really makes your case stand out."

Sep 2, 2004

Ap0calypse-Logisys Liquid Neon and RAM Mod Review
"Life moves in amazing ways. So does computer. We pride ourselves on anticipating the changes by providing the latest design and highest quality products for people who want to have their computer more than just an electronic box in beige, that they could dress it up like changing dresses daily, at the lowest price from the factory, with the friendly services that show smiley faces all the time."

Sep 1, 2004

Hardware-Pacers.com-Logisys Phantom Gaming Case Review
Logisys has been a leader in PC gaming cases and computer modification accessories in recent years. The Logisys goal is to transform the typical image of the bland beige computer that was bulky and hidden under desks in study rooms to brilliantly beautiful devices that users are happy to display in living rooms or places of show.

Aug 31st, 2004

Gamechroniicles-Logisys 3D Edge Fan Review
Logisys Computer’s sexy, clever, and hulking beast of a fan, the 3D Blue LED Edge Fan Kit, is a remarkable piece of machinery.

Aug 29, 2004

FastLaneHW.com-Logisys Phantom Gaming Case Review
To sum this one up...the Logisys Phantom case is a premod case with a few twists. It isn't just for show; it's cooled very well, and has built in lighting just in case you don't have 50 LED fans sitting around.

Aug 26, 2004

Hardware-HQ.com-Logisys Dracula Gaming Case Review
The Dracula case design is quite impressive straight out of the box. The door has a mirror finish, with an alien emblem that has hard drive activity LEDS built in.

Aug 26, 2004

Phoronix.com-Logisys Ram Mods Review
The Logisys LED Ram Mods are a very simple and quick way to give your computer a brand new exciting appearance. Logisys makes these LEDs in red, green, and blue colors.We would recommend the LED Ram Mods from Logisys Computer.

Aug 25, 2004

Buddha_Lanroom-Logisys Phantom Gaming Case Review
"The case has a wicked look to it and from what I’d heard, it is very well designed.The only decision that needed to be made would be which system to slam into that rig."

Aug 25, 2004

PC-Base-Logisys RamMod Review
"The RamMod is a really simple to install case mod that looks really cool."

Aug 20, 2004

Mikhailtech-Logisys Liquid Neon Thunder Kit Review
"After taking a peak at (and being thoroughly impressed by) Logisys' CCFL kits we decided to have a look at one of their more innovative products, the so called Thunder light."

Aug 19, 2004

Mikhailtech-Logisys Cold Cothode Light Kit Review
Logisys hit the nail on the head with these lights and did so without breaking the bank. Low budget users can now afford to add some flare to their boring rig

Aug 10, 2004

Wicked Machines -Logisys Phantom Mid Tower Chassis Review
"Logisys has a new case that is of interest, simply because not only is it a great looking case, but it has features I haven't seen in a case to date. This case so impressed me that I have made it the keystone case for the new Doom III package deal."

Jul 29, 2004

ExtremeMHZ-Logisys Phantom Mid Tower Chassis Review
"Both pre-mods and custom modded cases say something about the owner, and if nothing else they are contributing greatly to the death of beige! One of the more active companies in the pre-mod arena is Logisys Computer "

Jul 25, 2004

TwistedMods.com -Logisys Crystal Power 500W Power Supply Review
"If all you care about is performance, this PSU is a beast. With incredibly steady voltage ratings and a specially designed circuit board for PC gamers and modding enthusiasts, this power supply is definitely ready for the newer graphics cards and systems running tons of hardware. If you are looking for a great power supply for a great price, go with the Logisys Crystal Power."

Jul 22, 2004

Hardwaremods.com -Logisys Dracula Case Review
"It's close to midnight, something evil's lurking in the dark. Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart. No, it's not Michael Jackson, but a brand new Dracula case..."

Jul 17, 2004

MODTHEBOX.com -Logisys Blue Armor Window Case Review
"I was very pleased with the quality of the blue finish as it was nearly car quality yet fingerprint resistant and durable. The chrome accents were also high quality and fingerprint resistant and well exceeded my initial expectations."

Jun 25, 2004

FastLanehw.com -Logisys Silver Armor Window Case Review
"4 years ago, $60 on a computer case might have meant a plain beige box with only the bare minimum of cooling capacity, limited expansion capacity, and certainly no extra features like a window or a temperature monitor. Well, the times have changed, and today we're sitting down for another fine review with a new case from Logisys, which sports the above features and more, to make your $60 worth it. ."

Jun 22, 2004

The Tech Zone.com -Logisys Pre-Assemble Clear Case Review
"It appeared there were over ten screws on each side panel just to remove it! I also did note that the acrylic was extra thick and it looked very sturdy. "

Jun 18, 2004

Envy News -Logisys 3D Edge FAN Review
"To anyone looking for a simple cooling solution to make sure your system is running under the red line, look for Logisys' 3D Edge Fan when it releases. Its transformations are pretty much endless, provided you have the room."

Jun 18, 2004

Tom's hardware-Logisys 3D Edge FAN Review
"Those who don't have any room to spare in their system for additional fans can install as many as four extra fans in their computer with the 3D Edge FAN. The 3D Edge is used just like an expansion card, yet is not actually connected to the PCI slot, so it cannot cause short circuits. Each fan can be individually connected to a fan controller."

Jun 16, 2004

Phoronix.com -Logisys Black Armor Window Case Review
"Overall, we must say this case was very pleasing from its modern look to its UV reactive components. We could not have been any more pleased with its smooth installation for the most part, other than the few minor issues. If you are a computer enthusiast and in the market for a new case to house all of your components, this could be a good case for you."

Jun 16, 2004

Extrememhz.com -Logisys Black Armor Window Case Review
"Logisys Computer definitely has a very nice product here. For the price, you’re really getting a lot of chassis. I especially liked the small improvements to the ventilation system, and the open nature of the inside makes it easy to work with."

Jun 15, 2004

PimpRig-Logisys SP6001WT 2.1+1 Speakers Review
"With so many speaker packages available, how do you know exactly what you are buying? Before we continue I believe it's only proper to explain exactly how a speaker system package is defined.."

Jun 14, 2004

Atrue-Review-Logisys SP-6001 BK Computer Speaker Review
"Logisys has busted onto the scene with their speakers. They have clear speakers for the modder and Alien speakers for those on a budget. Both speakers look cool..... "

Jun 03, 2004

Creative Mods-Logisys Acrylic Case Review
"This is the best packed case I have ever seen. Props to the folks at Logysis for putting so much consideration into packaging this case... "

Jun 03, 2004

Think computers-Xenix Fan Mouse Review
"Anyone out there a hardcore gamer? Well if you are we have a mouse for you! Since it is summer it's a bit warmer out, and when playing games for hours at a time your palms are bound to get sweaty. Well what if there was a fan inside of the mouse that would keep your palms dry and cool... "

Jun 02, 2004

SystemCooling.com-Logisys Acrylic Case Review
"The Logisys CS888CL has changed my opinion of acrylic cases considerably. It's well designed and constructed, cools very well, and looks fantastic (given the proper attention to detail)... "

Jun 01, 2004

Aturereview.com-Logisys Alien Computer Speakers Review
"These speakers will give you good 2.1 sound at an affordable price and they look good doing it and I recommend these speakers to anyone who wants stylish desktop speakers for general PC use... "

May 30, 2004

TwistedMods.com-Logisys Clear Acrylic 2.1 Gaming Speakers Review
"Is it possible to get a speaker set that's stylish and sounds good for less than 40 dollar? The Logisys Alien Computer Speakers might be what you are looking for... "

May 25, 2004

ExtremeMHZ-Logisys Alien 2.1 Speaker System Review
"I was impressed with the bass response of the sub right away. I was certainly not expecting that kind of power from this little unit. Unless you’re one of that crowd, and I know you know who you are, you’ll probably turn this almost halfway down... "

May 19, 2004

Virtual-Hideout-Xenix Illuminated Keyboard Review
"The Xenix Keyboard gets the nod for looks, fit and finish and portability. For a LAN gamer or someone who is short on desk space, this keyboard will complement any case that is looking for attention. It's also cool to be able to see your keyboard without all the house lights on."

May 18, 2004

Over colock Intelligence Agency-Logysis Blinking Multicolor 4 LED Fan
"utilizes 4 LEDs which blink on and off in intermittent patterns and in multiple colors.If you like blinking lights in multiple colors and need a visible case fan this fan is worth looking in to."

May 18, 2004

Over colock Intelligence Agency-Logisys Xenix Optical Wheel Mouse
"The Logysis 4 LED Fan I have never been a big fan of mouse technology. I have always regarded them as a necessary evil but not really part of the package. I mean the box rocks as far as I'm concerned.The flashiest mods always involved some aspect of the case or its internals."

May 17, 2004

X-TremeReview - Logisys SP6002CL 2.1 Clear Speaker System
"After opening the package, I was very impressed with the clear plastic used on these speakers. It appeared as if the plastic was very sturdy and wouldn’t break easily. Not only is the quality of the plastic high, the appearance is also very nice. I must say, this is one of the most visually appealing speaker systems I personally have encountered."

May 15, 2004

X-Treme Modz - Logisys Acrylic LED PC feet
"The Logisys LED Acrylic PC feet are exactly what they sound like, small acrylic "feet" that are lit by LED's for your computer case. This review is short, but there isn't a whole lot to say for a product that is simplicity defined"

May 14, 2004

Creative Mods - Contest Giveaway
"Logisys and Xoxide are giving one lucky winner a Logisys Preassembled Clear Case, a Logisys clear acrylic 2.1 speaker set, a UV cathode, and a Blue cathode. For more information, please click the above picture ^"

May 14, 2004

HardWaremodz - Logisys Optical Fan Mouse
"Every once in awhile a new product comes along and wow's the moding world. Well, something as small as a mouse can make any computer rig cool and the eye attraction of a LAN. Well Logisys Computer has just a mouse. The have come up with the Optical Fan Mouse"

May 09, 2004

ExtremeReviews - Logisys UFO Multimedia Speaker System
"I must say, I didn’t expect too much from these speakers originally since they only cost about $40, but I sure was wrong...I was completely stunned with this speaker system. What couldn’t be believable is this system only costs $40! No distortion or any other problems could be found."

March 21, 2004

ExtremeReviews - Logisys LED Acrylic Footstep
"I was very impressed by the Logisys Computer LED Acrylic Footstep for Chassis. The installation was easy as can be, and it gave a nice appearance to the case."

January 28, 2004

Creative Mods - Logisys LED Case Feet Review
"I plugged my l33t l3opard case in, and turned on the case feet. The results, I must say, were very nice. I can't complain at all with the way the feet performed. These pictures don't quite do the feet justice. Like many mods, it is best to see them in person."

December 28, 2003

ExtremeMhz - Xoxide Optical Fan Mouse
"The Xoxide Optical Fan mouse is truly one of a kind input device. Its highly unique features were designed to attract both case modders and gamers alike."

Sep 14, 2003

atruereview - LED Acrylic Footstep For Chassis
"Are you into modding your case? Adding lighting to a case is a popular effect of case modding. Case windows allow users to see the interior of their cases lit up with LEDs or cold cathodes. PSU mods allow the insides of a PSU to be lit. LED knobs on the front of a case for fan control add some nice effects as well."

August 18, 2003

overclockers.com - "LED Legs" Review
"The good guys at Logisys were nice enough to send a sample of their case mod product - LED Legs. These are replacements for the feet on your PC that light up. Included in the kit are four LEDs, four feet, a PCI switch plate/switch and pads to hold the new feet in place."


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